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You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Atmospherics management

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The Store environment is a vast ecosystem of several different elements combined, shaping the experience and behaviour of your visiting customer.

Temperature, music, lighting, fragrances and air quality alongside the store architecture, product display and quality of staff service have a remarkable impact in retailers store performance and customer willingness to buy. Modern Retailers looking to remain competitive, cannot overlook an appropriate Customer Experience Strategy for their business.

Benefits: Brand awareness sustainability | Increased customer dwell time | Increase convertion
Customer Feedback

Your Customers are talking. Are you listening?

Retailers are not in the business of selling products, but satisfying customers needs and wants.
Your customers have a strong Voice. You should listen!

They are willing to share with you what they like about your store, products and services, and more importantly, what they didn’t like. You can very quickly adjust your business strategies, launch new initiatives, and strengthen your connection with your customer base.

Benefits: Customer Satisfaction | Increased customer retention | Tailored initiatives
Strategic Layout Management


How are your customers moving within your store? What drives them to go in? Which areas do they favor? Where should I place my most valuable products and resources?

Retail space is a highly valuable asset, making store layout design as one of the most critical aspects in today’s Retail management. Floor Plans should be attractive, deliver good product placement and visibility, should be able to generate and distribute traffic in the most efficient and profitable way and ensure high store penetration and customer retention.

Benefits: Increase customer dwell time and convertion | Maximize sales and margin by sqm
Staff Optimization


Customers are increasingly well informed and demand impeccable service and differentiation.

Making sure you customers are well cared for and have an adequate support and attention from your staff is paramount to achieve good results. In order to do that, retailers need to continuously regulate and monitor their store workforce to match your customer needs.

Benefits: Staff Optimization | Sales increase
Energy Efficiency

Every little counts

Every opportunity to reduce operating costs provides retailers with a little extra to help maintain a competitive advantage and customers satisfied.

Retail Stores have a high potential for energy savings. Through energy consumption monitoring and characterization, retailers have a new insight into how Stores are using their energy, and can now promote optimized procedures and changes leading to significant savings, monetary and environmental.

Benefits: Reduce operating costs | Improve margins | Environment
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