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The Advantage of Seamless Integration

Updated: Jul 3

In the fast-paced realm of modern retail, where customer satisfaction depends on rapid delivery and a seamless shopping experience, Seeplus by Inovretail emerges as a pioneering solution revolutionising Q-Commerce.

Integrating a transformative solution into your retail ecosystem should be an effortless process that seamlessly transitions into your business. The Seeplus MACH architecture and built in E-Commerce and Partner integrations, means you can be up and running in a matter of weeks, ready to optimise your retail operations and create a truly exceptional customer experience.

Integration with E-commerce Providers

Integration should not be a complex puzzle, and with Seeplus, it never is. Akin to the perfect fit of a missing puzzle piece, Seeplus is designed for effortless alignment with your existing POS/ERP systems. It moulds into your operations, interfacing with our platform smoothly, irrespective of the e-commerce ecosystems or order placement solutions you utilise

Retailers using Shopify can bask in the simplicity of our plug-and-play solution that integrates effortlessly with a click. But if your framework operates on a different beat, do not worry. Seeplus thrives on bespoke integration solutions, meticulously configured to harmonise with the unique tempo of your setup. No matter the scale of urgency or the breadth of your technology, Seeplus promises a synergy that fine-tunes your operations without compromise.

The Building Blocks of MACH Architecture

We’ve built Seeplus to harness the sheer power and flexibility of a MACH architecture, a cutting-edge approach designed to bring agility, scalability, and innovation to the forefront of our operations. To unravel this, let's delve into what MACH stands for:

  • Microservices-based: Imagine an advanced LEGO set where each block is a microservice, designed to execute a specific function flawlessly.

  • API-first: These blocks communicate through well-defined APIs, ensuring seamless interaction throughout the system.

  • Cloud-native SaaS: Cloud technology is not merely a data repository; with Cloud-native SaaS, it is a powerhouse of capabilities, turbocharging your operations.

  • Headless architecture: A decoupling of the front-end and back-end simplifies updating one without impacting the other, allowing unbounded creativity and user experience innovation.

This ecosystem encompasses an experience layer distinct from the application layer, linked by dependable APIs. It's a flexible, robust, and cohesive digital infrastructure tailored to fit your business needs. At Inovretail, we are committed to building more than just technology; we are dedicated to creating experiences that adapt to your dynamics and inspire your growth.

Strategic Partnerships for Diverse Delivery Options

Seeplus’s effectiveness in the Q-Commerce realm is amplified through strategic partnerships aimed at enhancing last-mile delivery solutions.

Thanks to our ground breaking partnership with Uber Direct, Seeplus makes lightning-fast local deliveries a reality. Seeplus taps into an extensive courier network that facilitates direct to-customer deliveries, epitomising the speed and efficiency crucial for

modern retail success. For those in the hustle and bustle of city life, this might mean receiving orders in as little as 30 minutes.

Additionally, the collaboration with Locky introduces an innovative click-and-collect service. Locky’s secure, self-service collection points offer consumers 24/7 accessibility, adding a layer of convenience and flexibility to the shopping experience. This option

particularly caters to customers who prefer collecting their orders at a time that suits their schedules.


The importance of flexible integration in the modern retail space cannot be overstressed, and it is here that Seeplus stands out. It harnesses the power and flexibility of a MACH architecture and seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms, POS/ERP systems and a collection of flexible cloud native technologies.

With its seamless adaptability and robust architecture, Seeplus ensures that retailers can embrace change without disruption. This powerful combination not only preserves the essence of innovation but also guarantees that agility, scalability, and efficiency remain at the heart of your operations. Embracing Seeplus means positioning your retail business to meet present and future customer demands with confidence and efficiency.

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