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Boost flexibility with Click & Collect

Discover the benefits of offering
Click & Collect to your customers

By offering click-and-collect, retailers can enhance customer satisfaction, bring ready-to-buy customers who are browsing online into physical stores, and streamline their operations, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce. It's a win-win situation for both retailers and customers, creating a convenient and efficient shopping experience.

Here are some key facts from studies about retailers offering Click and Collect:

Increase in Customer Lifetime Value


Reduction in Staff Turnover


Increase in Customer Retention



Decrease in Order Processing Costs

Increase in Customer satisfaction



Increase in Items Restocked per hour

How it works

Seeplus is the ultimate solution for retailers looking to improve the customer experience, increase profit, and decrease cart abandonment rates. Our click-and-collect platform offers a way for customers to pick up their orders in store, reducing queues and empowering staff.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Real-time tracking empowers customers to see what's available for purchase and pick up, reducing frustration and boosting sales.

Smart Planning

Smart Planning

Pick-up paths optimised based on your store's unique layout, reducing fulfilment errors and minimising packing time.

Inventory management

Inventory Management

Real-time tracking and comprehensive analytics helps optimise your operations, identify bottlenecks, improve workflows, and enhance customer satisfaction.



Aggregate picking of multiple orders ensures quick and accurate processing that reduces the likelihood of errors.

Task Scheduling

Task Scheduling

Optimised task scheduling, and clear instructions for store staff, ensures accurate and efficient order processing every time.

Pick Up Process

Pick Up Process

QR code scanning and digital signatures, eliminates paperwork and wait times, meaning customers can breeze through the pickup process, feeling valued and appreciated.



Whether it's an order confirmation, status update or or a pickup reminder, Seeplus ensures your customers are always in the loop. 

Pick Up Slots

Pick Up Slots

More available pick-up slots increases e-commerce conversion rates, reduces cart abandonment and gets rid of long checkout lines.



From selecting the most convenient pickup location to choosing a preferred time slot, customers have the freedom to personalise their pickup experience.

Why Choose Seeplus?


Integration Made Easy

Seeplus effortlessly syncs with all eCommerce platforms and your existing POS/ERP systems. It’s smooth sailing with us, saving you time and effort.


Simplicity at its Best

Our platform is as user-friendly as it gets. Designed with simplicity and intuition, so you can put your customers front and centre. Need help? Our team is just a call away.


Speed to Market

With Seeplus, long implementation is history. In just weeks, you'll be steering your retail operations towards optimisation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Success Story

Driving Sparkling Success

Discover how jewellery retailer Lugar da Jóia used Seeplus to unify their online and in-store experiences, elevating customer satisfaction, increasing orders and reducing order fulfilment time. Glittery smiles all around!

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