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Discover how Lugar da Jóia Reduced Order Fulfilment Time by 40% with Seeplus

The Story

Discover how jewellery retailer Lugar Da Joia used Seeplus, our innovative Click & Collect SaaS platform, to unify their online and in-store experiences, elevating customer satisfaction, increasing orders and reducing order fulfilment time.

After facing challenges in inventory and real-time data management, Lugar da Jóia sought a customisable technology that flawlessly integrated with their operations. Seeplus integrated the digital and physical shopping experiences, introducing  a new 'click and collect' service across all of their 9 stores.

The impact of implementing Seeplus was demonstrably positive, reducing order fulfilment time by 40%, and catapulting the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to a staggering 92. Alongside a 20% YoY increase in total orders, there was a 33% surge in online orders. Testimonials from Lugar da Jóia's staff and customers corroborate these results, reflecting improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction. Glittery smiles all around! 

"We are thrilled to join forces with Inovretail. This partnership allows us to reach a wider audience and provide our customers with a more convenient and efficient way to collect their orders. We look forward to working together and to drive growth through technology and innovation”

Tiago Magalhães, Marketing Director


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Seeplus is our innovative Click & Collect SaaS platform that provides retailers with a one-stop solution to unify their online and in-store experiences.

Easy Integration

Seeplus integrates seamlessly with all eCommerce platforms and existing POS/ERP systems. 

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Simple to Use

Our user-friendly platform is simple and intuitive, making it quick to adapt to with minimal training. 

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Speed to Market

You'll be up and running in weeks, ready to optimize your retail operations and customer experience.

We're inviting up to four retailers to partner in our Customer Charter Programme and receive a free trial of our AI-powered Click & Collect SaaS solution, while also having the opportunity to help develop and refine our product.

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