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Staff Turnover reduced through Click & Collect

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


High staff turnover is a common problem for retailers and can have a significant impact on the business's operations and costs. It affects productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Fortunately, the implementation of Click & Collect can help reduce staff turnover and improve operations for retailers. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of Click & Collect and present actionable steps that retailers can take to streamline their operations.

The Problem of High Staff Turnover in Retail Industry

High staff turnover is a pervasive issue in the retail industry, with the average turnover rate for retail employees being around 60% [1]. This high turnover rate can lead to significant operational inefficiencies, increased costs, and decreased productivity. Retailers must invest time and resources in recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, which can be a significant burden on the business. Additionally, high staff turnover can negatively impact customer service, resulting in lower customer satisfaction and decreased sales.

One study found that high staff turnover can cost retailers up to 16% of an employee's annual salary [2]. This cost includes the direct costs of recruiting and onboarding new staff members, as well as the indirect costs of lost productivity and decreased customer service. Another study found that high staff turnover can lead to decreased sales, with one retailer experiencing a 6% decrease in sales for every 10% increase in staff turnover [3].

In addition to the financial costs, high staff turnover can also impact employee morale and job satisfaction. Employees who feel undervalued or unappreciated are more likely to leave their jobs, leading to a cycle of high turnover and decreased morale [4].

The Impact of Click & Collect on Staff Turnover

To combat high staff turnover, retailers must focus on creating a positive work environment that values and supports its employees. One solution that can help retailers streamline their operations and reduce the burden on staff is Click & Collect. This service allows customers to order products online and pick them up in-store or at a designated pickup location.

By offering Click & Collect, retailers can reduce the number of staff needed to process orders and handle customer inquiries. According to the JDA Software study, the implementation of Click & Collect can reduce staff turnover by 28%. This percentage demonstrates that adopting this service can have a significant impact on operations. Other studies and case studies have also found a correlation between the availability of Click & Collect services and decreased staff turnover.

By reducing the number of staff needed to process orders and handle customer inquiries, retailers can reduce the workload on their employees, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover rates.

In addition to reducing the burden on staff, Click & Collect can also help retailers reduce the number of returns. Customers are more likely to pick up the right product when they can inspect it in-store before taking it home. This can help reduce the number of returns and associated costs, such as restocking fees and shipping costs [5].

How to Implement Click & Collect

Implementing Click & Collect can be a multi-step process, including choosing the right software, training staff, and promoting the service. Retailers can follow these steps to ensure a successful implementation:

  1. Choose the right software: Retailers should choose a software provider that can integrate their e-commerce platform with their in-store inventory management system, facilitating the order and pickup process.

  2. Train staff: Staff need to be adequately trained on how to handle Click & Collect orders, optimize the in-store pickup experience, and provide excellent customer service.

  3. Promote the service: Retailers need to craft a marketing plan to ensure the maximum reach of their implementation of Click & Collect. Social media, in-store advertising, and website optimization are required in creating a consistent message and incentivizing customers to try the service.

  4. Ensure seamless execution: Retailers need to ensure the website is optimized for Click & Collect orders, with a dedicated Click & Collect page with pickup instructions and clear instructions presented to customers at any touchpoint in the customer journey.

How Seeplus by Inovretail can help

Seeplus by Inovretail is an excellent solution for retailers looking to implement click-and-collect offerings quickly and efficiently. The platform offers support in the key areas of software development, integration of e-commerce, inventory management, and staff training, making it easy for retailers to get started quickly.

Seeplus by Inovretail enables retailers to offer pick-up options anywhere, which unlocks exciting new cross-selling opportunities and exponential profit growth by empowering retailers to take advantage of different customer purchase trends. Furthermore, Seeplus by Inovretail helps retailers develop a more personalized approach by providing a detailed understanding of their customer needs and expectations based on their shopping behaviour and preferences.

With the use of an incentives systems, retailers can boost staff motivation and engagement, leading to improved staff retention. Seeplus offers key insights on employee performance for store and region managers, enabling them to evaluate staff productivity and reward top performers. Moreover, the platform allows staff to access and assess their own performance, fostering daily productivity and motivation.

Closing Thoughts

As the retail industry continues to evolve, retailers must adopt new solutions to stay ahead of the curve and meet customer expectations. Click & Collect is one solution that can help retailers achieve these goals.

Click & Collect is a valuable solution for retailers looking to reduce staff turnover and improve operational efficiency. By offering this service, retailers can provide a better shopping experience for customers while reducing the burden on staff. Click & Collect offers benefits such as reduced staff turnover, improved operational efficiency, increased sales, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a competitive advantage.

Retailers who want to learn more about how a Click & Collect offering can benefit their business should visit our website today.






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