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Case Study: Lugar da Jóia

Updated: Jun 26


When you picture luxury retail, Lugar da Jóia, a leading Portuguese jewellery brand, might come to mind. Renowned for more than 16 years, they are jewellers to the contemporary, demanding, and enlightened customer. Thy are also the star of our story today. This case study is all about sharing the journey of Lugar da Jóia and why they chose to implement Seeplus by Inovretail—and, of course, diving into the dazzling results that followed.

Challenges and Needs

Before stepping into the enchanting world of Seeplus, Lugar da Jóia faced a few (not-so-sparkling) challenges. Inventory management hiccups, a thirst for real-time data, and sales processes that lacked that je ne sais quoi were among their pain points.

Lugar da Jóia, steeped in tradition and faced with competition from international chains, was looking to modernise. Their goal was to maintain customer loyalty, enhance their e-commerce platform, and extend their reach to a broader audience, including technologically savvy, younger clients, such as millennials and Gen Z. An essential part of the solution would have them offer a “click and collect” service for the first time.

Evaluation Process

Lugar da Jóia didn’t stumble upon their solution by mere chance. They took rigorous steps to assess the market options, seeking out groundbreaking, customisable technology that would harmonise with their brand’s identity and customer expectations. They set their sights on key criteria: ease of integration, robust functionality, and customisable features. In the end, it was Seeplus by Inovretail that emerged as the leading choice.


Seeplus succeeded in seamlessly integrating with Lugar da Jóia’s e-commerce solution, helping to ensure a smooth experience, saving Lugar da Jóia valuable time and effort. Thanks to an existing Application Programming Interface (API), the process was implemented quickly and we had Lugar da Jóia up and running in around four weeks!

By utilising a task list that displayed the items per order, it streamlined the whole order preparation process for the workers, making it exceedingly simple. Each order is processed in a single location, which doubled as a warehouse, before they are shipped internally to the respective stores. Seeplus has simplified the logistical aspect of this by separating the tasks between the preparation and delivery locations. As soon as an order is ready, it is shipped and its status changed to ‘shipping’. For the preparation location, this signifies completion, while for the delivery location, it shows up as an order to receive. This systematic approach eases the order workflow and simplifies tasks for staff across various locations.

This efficient process ensures customers experience a smooth delivery. The receiving operation includes placing the order in a specific location at the store, making it extremely easy for the staff to find the right order for the correct customer at the time of delivery.

Seeplus utilises a development method known as webhooks, creating custom callbacks. In this context, customers are instantly updated with each change in the order’s status, keeping them on top of when their order is ready for pick-up from the store.

To round off the customer experience, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) form is sent a little while later, giving the customer ample time to open their order and enjoy the unboxing experience before being asked for feedback.

Implementation Challenges

During the implementation of Seeplus at Lugar da Jóia, it was important for us to consider every detail, no matter how small. The key goal was to ensure that Seeplus would fit in Lugar da Jóia architecture and Hardware with minimum changes in the current systems, integration their current e-commerce platform as well as their specific Zebra printer model were some such detail that merited attention.

Keeping in line with our ethos of personalised solutions, we assembled a dedicated cross-functional team. The task was clear: they were to focus exclusively on integrating, documenting, and testing integration with current e-commerce platform and the Zebra printer model used by Lugar da Jóia. Our flexible and scalable MACH architecture and API first and Webhook approach for integration helped.

Regarding Zebra Hardware, understanding the importance of maintaining familiarity and functionality in this transition, the team used the exact same printer model during the integration tests. This approach allowed for a seamless transition, ensuring consistent operational reliability throughout the process. Whilst this and a few other challenges surfaced (as they often do), each was tackled head-on and swiftly resolved. Seeplus soon blended with existing systems and workflows like a perfectly matched pair of earrings.

The implementation process introduced Lugar da Jóia to the everevolving world of retail technology, with the robust platform helping them to integrate the digital and physical shopping experience effectively— enabling a ‘click and collect’ service that has truly revolutionised their business model.

Benefits and Results

Lugar da Jóia’s digital transformation had the sparkle they were looking for. Streamlined communication is a key feature of this success. As soon as a customer places an order, a notification whizzes its way to the staff. Immediately, they’re brought into the fold and can prepare accordingly. It’s precise, it’s instantaneous, and it works. Plus, the staff are not left in the dark at any stage. They have clear visibility of the order status and can access detailed information. The outcome? A well-prepared team, ready to manage the shopping journey seamlessly. For the customers, communication is kept open and engaging. They always know their order status and any updates along the way.

It’s important to highlight the ease of accessibility of our platform for store staff. By having both a mobile and desktop version, we ensure that the interface is not only user friendly but also highly accessible. This convenience empowers staff to efficiently manage orders and coordinate processes without compromising on usability. Prioritising accessibility and functionality lies at the heart of our mission to serve both our customers and staff, optimising the shopping experience for all parties involved.

Implementing Seeplus made a significant impact on various aspects of their business:

  • Order Fulfilment Time Reduced by 40% - Glittery smiles all around, as the reality exceeded expectations. Initially aiming for an 8 to 4-hour turnaround time, they have successfully achieved this milestone, making their customers happier than ever.

  • NPS of 92 Points NPS Shines in the Excellence Zone – The initial goal was an NPS of 75, a score indicating excellent customer satisfaction. Lugar da Jóia, however, outdid themselves with a dazzling NPS of 92 points! Talk about making customers sing praises.

  • Increase in Total Orders (YoY) 20% - The implementation of Seeplus struck a chord with the customers, leading to a 20% year-over-year increase in the total number of orders received.

  • Increase in Online vs. Offline Orders 33% The seamless connection between their e-commerce platform and physical stores struck a high note with online sales. There was a significant shift towards online orders, resulting in a 33% increase compared to offline sales.

Seeplus has undoubtedly helped Lugar da Jóia modernise their operations, streamline processes, and foster an even stronger connection with their customers—affirming the power of a little digital magic combined with Inovretail’s innovative touch.

Lugar da Jóia have found the solution they were seeking. Seeplus has helped them bridge the divide between online shopping and in-store efficiency, offering customers a more convenient method to fetch their orders, drastically reducing in-store queues, and enhancing the overall customer experience.


“We are thrilled to be utilising Inovretail’s Seeplus platform to enhance our e-commerce platform and offer a click and collect service,” said Tiago Magalhães, Marketing Director at Lugar da Jóia. “The platform will enable us to reach a wider audience and provide our customers with a more convenient and efficient way to collect their orders. We look forward to working together and to drive growth through technology and innovation.”

Tiago Magalhães, Marketing Director at Lugar da Jóia.

Praise wasn’t limited to the management. Stakeholders across the board shared their positive experiences. Lugar da Jóia’s staff reported increased productivity—the new platform provides them with full visibility of online orders and streamlines the pick-up process. As for the customers? They appreciate the prompt updates about their order status and the easier, queue-less shopping adventure.


The partnership between Lugar da Jóia and Inovretail is a tale of success—an innovative collaboration that seamlessly blended tradition and modernity to elevate the customer’s shopping experience.

As both firms look forward to developing their products further, it’s evident that the implementation of Seeplus has been more than advantageous—it’s been transformational. This evolution, infused with innovation and excellence in retail management, underlines an exciting future for Lugar da Jóia, its customers, and its continued alliance with Inovretail.

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