PROJECT "istore360"

The "istore360" Project consists in the development of advanced technological solutions designed to improve the customer retail experience, making Store Environments more appealing, dynamic and efficient, with measurable return to our clients.

Main Goals
1. Develop tools and frameworks in order to cut application development time and effort;
2. Introduce cutting-edge technologies oriented to deliver applications on web and mobile user interfaces and integrated with complex architectures;
3. Identify mathematic models that represent the impact of retail environment variables in the store key performance indicators;
4. Development of application modules to manage retail environments.

Incentive System/Support Measure
The present Project was applicant and approved under the Investigation and Technological Development Incentive Systems of QREN (National Strategic Reference Board), according to “Aviso de Abertura Nº04/SI/2011”, under the Norte Operational Regional Program.

Investment and Support Fees
Total Investment – 217.344,02€
Incentive Approved – 85.748,25€

Implementation Deadlines
This project has duration of 24 months, started at 01.05.2011 and is foreseen to finish at 30.04.2013.
Current Status: The project is closed.

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