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Staff empowerment SaaS Solution

Empower your store staff by embracing the power of AI on digital devices to boost your sales performance and increase in-store productivity

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Using AI to turn monthly targets into accurate daily store and individual targets

Advanced AI-powered forecasting engine, using calendar, weather and promotional events that automatically determine the best daily target for your store and stylist


Real-time intraday KPI’s visibility on your wrist

Unique intraday visibility of individual sales performance, with proactive warning of deviations.


Advanced sales incentives models for the staff

Expand your team’s potential with advanced sales incentives models

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Smart staff allocation

Predict staffing requirements over varying lengths of time based on sales data. Schedule and track different store activities to monitor and increase productivity.

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Customer data & insights

Identify your premium clients through real-time curated customer information to drive personalised in-store experience.

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Fitting room assistance & recommendations

Prevent customer dropout in the fitting room and deliver a superior customer engagement. Increase your sales performance through data-driven cross-selling recommendations.

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Omnichannel 2.0

Engage in Hyper speed your omnichannel requests at the store.


Daily tasks execution & real-time task awareness

Improve your task distribution and increase in-store productivity allowing your staff to act in real-time towards urgent tasks. Grant the visibility of the task assignment and their status to the store managers.


Real-time urgent task notification

Dynamic task notifications alert in-store staff, allowing them to act in real-time towards urgent tasks, increasing store efficiency.


An innovative solution that's easy to plug in with your data

Ready to go integraton that flows like a breeze. You'll see results in three weeks!
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